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turns out its who you couldve been and not who you are that keeps you up at night

[S] You were born for this.

Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips
You’re my back bone, you’re my cornerstone
You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving


 } ;; ——

         Well, in y9ur case I w9uld say that part 9f learning
         and gr9wing up and realizing what a c9mplex plight
         y9u’re in is primarily (9r entirely) 6ecause 9f y9u
         6eing an illiterate idi9t.

         Why y9u d9 this t9 y9urself, I will never kn9w.




                              SEER OF BLOOD

                                  ❝D9 y9u kn9w what the 6ig pr96lem with 
                                      a disguise is? H9wever hard y9u try,
always self-p9rtrait.

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Frankly, my dear, I d9n’t give a damn.

#9pini9ns #min9r t9pics #n9w where were we

he wouldn’t listen. he wouldn’t see. he would only talk.

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:&: blood and bullets


Psh. Not intrigued at all? Dirk doubted that or Kankri would have fled the museum without ever looking back. Even if he couldn’t claim to know all about the trolls’ plight, he knew that Kankri hadn’t lived so long by associating with every human he ran across. Perhaps it was egotistic for Dirk to assume that he was a special case, but in order to be on the receiving end of such warm affections, he had to be.

Didn’t require Kankri confessing to falling head over heels at first sight or anything. Furthermore… it was probably preferable if he didn’t, considering getting all wrapped up in a relationship right now would probably just serve as a distraction from his main goal.

Smirking to himself, Dirk thought that whatever Kankri was actually thinking, it would be a good time to tease him a little more anyway. What was a lighthearted joke or two between friends anyway?

And of course Kankri continued to amuse him, right down to his indignant refusal to scrub his back. Yeah, there was a time and a place for being serious and maybe his behavior would get him kicked out faster than he might have preferred, but in this desolate world, amusement had to be gleaned where it could.

“I don’t bite unless you ask me to,” Dirk teased, leaning out from the shower curtain with just the upper portion of his body, waiting for some towels and clothes to be offered to him so that he could stop shivering and get dried off.

It seemed he’d pissed off his new little friend who looked far too pissed off for his own good. Canting his lips up into a crooked smile, Dirk smirked over at the troll, only to have the clothes tossed right at him. Stepping forward, Dirk caught the articles before they fell to the floor and got wet from the condensation that had gathered in the small room during the shower.

“If you wanted me to come out from behind the curtain, you only had to ask,” Dirk said, still highly amused even if Kankri refused to check his back. Even if it wouldn’t be as effective as being reviewed by a second person, Dirk supposed he could check out his back himself well enough. If there actually was any glass embedded in his flesh, he wouldn’t be able to get it out on his own, but he doubted there was or he would have known by now.

Setting about to finish cleaning up and getting ready, Dirk dropped the entertained expression and focused instead on drying himself off and running the towel carefully along his back, eyes closed to focus on the feeling of the towel as he rubbed it side to side along the length of his back. There was a tender line from where he’d hit the table, but nothing particularly jumped out like an actual puncture would have. No doubt he’d have a bruise, but otherwise he should heal up well enough.

Satisfied, Dirk grabbed the offered clothes and pulled them on, although in the process he realized that the clothes Kankri pulled out for him weren’t exactly… normal. Not that he cared all that much, but assless chaps, really? Thankfully there were a pair of jeans to wear under them. “Didn’t realize he had a fetish for gay cowboys,” Dirk remarked, unable to keep a serious expression on his face as he pulled on the vest that was just large enough to cover his pecs, but not button up. Well… this vest really showcased his ‘farmer’s’ tan, baring his almost bronze arms… and his chest that was about as pale as the full fucking moon.

To complete the look, Dirk went ahead and tied a red bandana around his throat. Why the hell not? Damn, if only adult clubs were still a thing he bet he could make a big buck stripping in this outfit.

If there had at one point been a cowboy hat to go along with the ridiculous outfit, it hadn’t been brought into the bathroom, although Dirk planned to snag it if he happened to come across it over the course of his perusal of Kankri’s place. Hell, maybe Kankri didn’t realize that humans didn’t ordinarily wear shit like this, but Dirk could get into it, even if only for ironic purposes.

Once he was dressed up, Dirk ruffled his hair around some and then brushed the long blonde locks back. It had been too many days since he’d had any hair gel and though he couldn’t bring himself to cut his hair, sometimes it’s naturally floppy nature annoyed him. He looked way too much like his older bro like this with his bands sideswept over his forehead instead of combed back into the spiky style he preferred, but it was the freaking apocalypse so who was he to complain?

“Howdy, partner,” Dirk smirked as he approached Kankri once more. 

 } ;; ——

    The thing was, he would have fled the museum without ever looking back.

           It was just the fact that he needed some tighter security around him, now that Porrim was missing, and Dirk seemed to be the guy for the job. Even if their team up at the moment is temporary. The fight for survival was perpetual, however. Ignoring the fatuous, teasing remarks that he recieved from Dirk, the troll averted his attention back to his screen and scanned down more information that he could click out from the camera’s set around down. It was proving to be a little difficult, unfortunately, with the loud mouth using his shower.

           The masses of absurd things that came out of his mouth had Kankri cringing, and he wasn’t sure if the guy was serious or actually being real with himself right now. Like Hell would the troll even look at him right now, so to ask him of anything was beyond the horizon at this point. He wasn’t interested, he didn’t want company — it wasn’t an option, it was mandatory; to stay alive. Were all humans this disgusting and shameless, he wondered, optics groaning towards the ceiling before resuming their job in analyzing as many data bases that he could, most attempts beings pent on trying to access lightings in the museum he had just come from.

            He was still wary of the threat of bandits being here if they had been following this bogus idiot all along, and more company was just about the last thing he wanted right now. A few minutes later that voice spoke up again and Kankri nearly crushed the material of his PC mouse within his hands, bemused hues being ripped away from the screen and then melting onto the door as the guy came out, and the second that he did —

                               Kankri felt his brow twitch, lips crack into
                                                 a repelled grimace.

                       What in the name of Beforus was he even wearing?

           And just what was it called again? The words had slipped Kankri’s ear and he stared disgruntled at the other, flustered twice as much as he was before, though there was a sick desire to laugh and mock the other man.

         ”I picked those up without really paying much heed,
          but that looks comfortable. You’re welcome.”

            To muffle his snickers and amused tittering, he pressed the soft fabric of his arms sleeve against his lips and bit down hard on his lower lip to prevent any slips. This wasn’t the time to laugh. What astonished him was that Dirk hadn’t even questioned him about the clothes, or complained for that matter because they seriously looked like the last thing anyone would want to wear while roaming in the devil’s playground. Looking at Dirk however, he reached back into his cold, stoic deposition and greeted him in return with an irked scowl.

              “Howdy. Are you done now? I believe
              there are more significant things to be — “

             Kankri’s brow twitched again as he stared at Dirk; was this guy even sane anymore? Did he take things earnestly or seriously? A sigh before he spun around to face his computer screen, opening up several CAM logs and viewing the streets of the city, as well as the hoards of walking dead that lingered about like empty, malfunctioning machines. "Look here. I’ve noticed them rise increasingly in number for the past few months, and the only thing that can explain that would be the supposed increase in human activity taking place around here. I suspect bandits, or perhaps a squad of survivors. Whichever, their presence seems to be lurking all over the place, and evidence in that would be the abundance of zombies scattered around the place."

             All signs of amusement were vaporized from his features, only distinguishing exact and to the point seriousness with a kind of cold front that left him feeling numb. "Me, I’m a troll. They usually don’t acknowledge my existence, or chase after me, so for the time I’ve been here they have been a rarity among this land. It’s not safe here now, is what I’m trying to say. We need to find out who else is here.”


Invest with the 6est

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